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Peterborough’s Hometown Fence Team is here to help, however, when it comes to the discussion of property lines, this is a subject or an issue that needs to be dealt with carefully.  If you are unsure about the exact location of your property line(s), and if you’re adjacent neighbors are also unsure, then your best course of action would be to hire a surveyor to properly outline and stake the various boundaries of your property.

One way to check your property lines is to look at the property’s deed. The deed should have a legal description of your land’s boundaries. If for some reason the current deed does not describe the property lines, it will refer you to an older one that does.

Another option would be to contact your local municipalities’ building department, as often they may have a survey on file which could be helpful in determining the location of your property lines.

Check your property carefully, as sometimes the builder may have left hidden property pins, which would be a great indication as to the location of your property lines.

Another tool or method would be to look at online resources through your municipalities building department.

Every day, more technology is available online, and property maps are no exception. Many counties are now digitizing their property records and uploading them to interactive sites that allow residents to access them from their own computers.

If you’re self and your neighbors are not able to come to an agreement regarding property lines, then it would be our recommendation to share the expense with your neighbor and seek out the services of a professional surveyor.  It is an additional cost, you will end up with a professional survey, which can be very helpful, especially at any point when you may be selling the property or taking on an additional project.

In many cases, a simple friendly discussion with your neighbor can resolve issues around property lines.  When our team arrives on-site, we would ask that all homeowners involved have already discussed and negotiated where the true property lines are.  Property lines can be marked with a stake in the ground, or by using special construction-style washable paint, and a line can be painted onto the ground or sod.

True Story…

We had a situation a while ago, where we met with the homeowners separately (one meeting with the wife, one meeting with the husband), and both parties had different opinions about where the property line was.  We certainly did not want to build the fence without clearly understanding and knowing where the true property line was.  We arranged a meeting between the husband, the wife, and the adjacent neighbors, and within 15 minutes, we were able to figure out clearly where the property line was, and to everyone’s satisfaction.

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