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When it comes to fence height, it is always best to check with your local building department.  In almost all communities.  There are certainly no issues in building a 6-foot high fence, however, anything beyond 6 feet high should be checked with your local building department. 

If you are installing a new pool, each community or township will have different requirements for fence height around your pool.  Once again, best to check with your local building department.

A building permit is not required when building a residential fence.  For commercial jobs or applications, a building permit may be required, and always best to check with your local building department.

Your new fence can be installed directly on your property line, however, it is always highly recommended to have a conversation with your neighbor(s) (where applicable), to ensure that all parties agree on where the property lines are and where the fence is to be installed.  If in doubt, get something in writing with any applicable neighbours.

Having a survey is always helpful, however, in some cases, you may need to hire a surveyor to stake out the property and to understand exactly where your property lines are.

A chain-link fence in many cases would be your most practical and affordable style of fence to have installed.  A chain-link fence could be anywhere from 4 feet high, right up to 8 feet high.  A standard chain-link fence would be a traditional galvanized color, however, most of the chain-link fences that we install are black and installed at no extra cost to the homeowner.

Most of the fences that we install require very little maintenance.  We use a special pressure-treated high quality wood, which requires little to no maintenance.  A chain-link fence also requires almost no maintenance.  A decorative black metal fence will be gleaming and shining for years with very little maintenance required.

In most cases a fence that is leaning over is a result of fence posts that have been compromised due to neglect, age, weather , or possibly vandalism. In most situations, it would be necessary to remove the old post(s) dismantle the necessary fence sections that are impacted, set new posts in quick drying concrete, and rebuild the fence section if the crossers and fence boards are still usable.

Leaning fences are most often caused by the following;

  1. Aging or rotting fence posts
  2. Most leaning fences nowadays are caused by severe wind storms or posts that will never set properly in cement
  3. Leaning fences can also be the result of fence posts that were never secured or installed properly.
  4. Another factor that can cause a fence to lean, would be the result of a fence post which was not strong enough to support the weight of the fence sections.  Back in the 60s, 70s and 80s, most fences were installed using 4 x 4 fence posts. Todays standard for fence post installation would be either a 5 x 5 fence post or a 6 x 6 fence post.

Most certainly our team specializes in chain-link fence repairs.  In most cases a chain-link fence that is leaning, as a result, the compromised fence post. In order to remedy the situation and repair the fence, our standard procedure would be to reset the post(s) affected. In some cases the fence posts can be straightened without having to remove the metal mesh or the top rails. The chain-link fence repair will be diagnosed by our team of professional fence experts, and the appropriate solution applied.

A vinyl fence and may suffer cracking due to the age of the vinyl fence materials, weather related issues or possibly even vandalism.  In order to fix a damaged or cracked vinyl fence, our team would need to contact the original supplier of materials, so that the same or similar materials can be used for the repair.

An old rotting fence is mostly due to the age of the fence, and weather related issues ie: moisture. If the fence posts are still in good shapes and secure Then, quite often, our team would be able to replace the fence boards or crossers that have become rotton or compromised. The fence itself is rotten, this becomes a much bigger job, where the affected fence sections have to be dismantled and pulled out of the ground. New fence posts would need to be installed, and then a rebuild or a reassembly of the crossers and fence boards.

The simple answer is yes.  We love meeting with new customers, offering our advice and suggestions around different fence related projects. We enjoyed gathering all of the important information necessary in producing a free written detailed estimate.  In most cases, we can produce an estimate on the same day. 

Absolutely not, in almost all cases before finalizing an estimate, it is in the best interest of our team and the homeowner to participate in a completely free / no obligation site visit. We feel that site visits are extremely important, as we get to see things, sometimes obstacles or challenges that we are not able to determine over the phone or through photographs.  Our goal is to provide fair and detailed estimates in a very timely manner and also to give the customer a strong sense of confidence in terms of booking the job(s) with our team.

In all cases we pride ourselves in doing a quality installation and build, and build all of our wooden fences using screws ( not nails), which provides a far superior quality installation.

Yes,  kindly give our team a call, we will schedule a visit to your property, conduct a free site visit.   We will provide you with an estimated cost to remove your damaged or broken fence.

For residential applications, a 4 foot or a 5 foot chain-link fence would be our most affordable option.  The look and feel of a modern shiny new black chain-link fence is actually quite attractive.  A chain-link fence requires virtually no maintenance, and will look new for many years to come. 

Yes, Please contact us at your convenience to discuss your specific needs, budget and design requirements.

Yes, We can most certainly assist you with financing through one of our financing partners. Fencing can be expensive, and we offer a financing option(s) for our customers that require that extra bit of help from a financial perspective.

With today’s ever-changing weather patterns, especially some of the high winds that we have recently been experiencing, it is our recommendation to build or repair fences using a 5 x 5 post, or a 6 x 6 post.   For fences with less height, for example, a 3 foot or 4 foot high picket fence, then by all means a 4 x 4 post is more than adequate, as the weight load on the post is significantly less.

In addition to serving the Peterborough and Kawartha’s, we also provide our services in the following areas;

  1. Lindsay
  2. Millbrook
  3. Port  Hope
  4. Coburg
  5. Bowmanville
  6. Newcastle
  7. Norwood

Our highly efficient and experienced team can install an average chain-link fence in one day, depending of course on the amount of linear footage.

We engage the services of our professional excavator and operator who is responsible for digging the holes.  We then have a team that places the post inside the hole, we then add a quick drying cement, and then we backfill the hole with the dirt that came out of the hole.  

Building an affordable wood fence is most certainly a viable option.  Our recommendation would be to select a wide-gap pressure-treated fence, using 4 x 4 posts, with a top crosser and a bottom crosser.  This design is considered the most affordable, due to the fact that less materials are used with this particular design.  Less materials equates to less labour which equates to a more affordable fence design.

Yes, a pressure-treated fence can be painted.  However, we recommend waiting approximately 4 to 6 months until the chemicals used to treat the wood have dried up.  If you were to spray some water onto the fence, if you notice some beading, then your fence is not ready to be painted.  If you spray the fence and the result is no beading on the wood, then it is safe to paint your fence. 

Yes, It is certainly more costly to build a fence using cedar wood, mainly due to the cost of the wood materials.  Labour wise, the cost is virtually the same as building a fence out of pressure-treated wood.  A cedar fence has a strong curb appeal and aesthetic. Cedar wood is not only beautiful to look at, it also has a long lifespan, and stands up well to the elements of weather.

Need your Fence Repaired?

Tired of looking at your broken or damaged fence?  Our team has experienced workers that in many cases can repair your broken or damaged fence.  Generally, a fence could be damaged due to weather, wind, age of the fence, vandalism, or moisture or water-related issues.

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